Oil water separators are an essential piece of equipment for various commercial and industrial applications and for certain personal uses. 

Understanding what an oil water separator is and how oil water separators work can help you make an informed decision when selecting the right device for your needs. In this blog post, we will discuss the importance of oil water separators, their various types, and the best options available in Australia at affordable prices.


oil water separator


What is an Oil Water Separator?

An oil water separator is designed to treat wastewater by removing oils, grease, and hydrocarbons, allowing the treated water to be safely disposed of into council sewers or the environment using specialised filtration approved systems. 

These separators are used in a variety of industries and settings, effectively separating contaminants such as free-floating oil, emulsified oil, dissolved oil, and suspended solids from water.

How Oil Water Separators Work

The main principle behind oil water separators is exploiting the differences in density between oil and water. 

These devices can effectively remove oil particles from wastewater by using various separation techniques, such as gravity, coalescence, or centrifugal force. 

The treated water can then be safely discharged or reused, while the separated oil can be stored and disposed of properly.

The Importance of Oil Water Separators to Business

Oil water separators are crucial in many industries, including workshops, wash-down bays, refuelling areas, construction sites, mining operations, transformer bunds, and car washes. 

They help businesses comply with environmental regulations by preventing harmful pollutants from contaminating water sources. 

Moreover, they contribute to cost savings by reducing the need for wastewater disposal and allowing water to be reused in certain applications. 

In addition, oil water separators ensure that businesses maintain a clean and environmentally friendly operation, enhancing their reputation and customer trust.

Oil Water Separator Prices in Australia

When searching for an oil water separator in Australia, it is important to consider factors such as efficiency, capacity, ease of installation and maintenance, and price. 

GPS Environmental offers a wide range of oil water separators, providing the highest quality and most cost-effective solutions in the market.

For example, their coalescing plate separators are known for their excellent removal of suspended solids, free oils, and grease from wastewater. 

These systems are easy to install and maintain, with capacities ranging from 1,000L to 50,000L. Additionally, GPS Environmental’s VGS (Vertical Gravity Separators) and Class 1 separators are perfect for situations requiring the removal of tiny oil droplets. 

Lastly, the Spinifex (Ultra Spin) separators are capable of separating emulsified oil droplets as small as 10 microns, utilising centrifugal forces over 1,000 times stronger than gravity.


Oil water separators are indispensable for businesses and personal use in numerous industries, protecting the environment and providing cost-saving benefits. 

By understanding how oil water separators work and selecting the best option for your specific needs, you can make a significant impact on reducing pollution and preserving our water resources. 

GPS Environmental offers an extensive range of oil water separators at affordable prices in Australia, ensuring you receive the highest quality, after-sales service, and minimal ongoing costs.