GPS Coalescing Oil and Water Separators

GPS Coalescing oil and water separators are designed to remove free floating hydrocarbons such as diesel, hydraulic fluid and oil as well as heavier suspended solids from a wastewater stream.

This form of oily water treatment is the minimum required prior to trade waste (sewer) discharge for any wash bay where hydrocarbons may be present.

By properly separating recyclable water with oil, they make it safe to dispose liquid waste to an approved discharge point, such as sewers.

Apart from oil, it removes grease and hydrocarbons so that non-hazardous water can be extracted and reused.

VGS Vertical Gravity Oil Separator

The Vertical Gravity Separator (VGS) is an Oil Water Separator that effectively removes free oil, grease and low density suspended solids from wastewater.

The VGS is designed to enhance the naturally occurring separation between oil and water and work based on the density difference between oil, suspended solids and water.

The inlet and outlet column of the Vertical Gravity Separator form a U-tube configuration. When the oily wastewater passes through the column, the free oil and low density suspended solids are trapped on the sides of the central column while the treated water flows out the other side.

Denser solids usually settle at the bottom, and the oil and lighter solids float to the top of the VGS. The layer of oil is then basically skimmed off and disposed, while the solid’s sediment is drained or pumped out.

The treated water can then be transferred to further downstream treatment (or discharged).

Vertical Gravity Oil Separator

GPS-ET™ FR-4 OWS Stormwater

GPS-ET™ FR-4 OWS Stormwater – Full retention Separator is an oil separator that effectively treats polluted run-off water to the Environment and Sewer discharge.

They are a fast flowing treatment separator, with a much higher water quality than standard oil separators.

Our smallest range will treat up to 50400L p/sec.

They can be used at high-risk sites like petrol stations and fuel depots, spills or overflows of petrol, oil or diesel need to be contained to prevent them from entering the stormwater drainage system.

GPS-ET™ FR-4 OWS Full Retention device effectively treats every day episodic spills of diesel and oil, plus contains major spills that may occur.

GPS-ET™ FR-4 OWS Stormwater
GPS-ET™ FR-4 OWS Stormwater


Ultraspin – Like many oil water separators, the Ultraspin system separates the oil/fat and the water based on the density difference – the oil/fat droplets being lighter than the water.

To do this the oily wastewater is pumped tangentially into the separator which forms a powerful vortex and huge centrifugal forces.

The force created, squeezes the lighter oil/fat droplets into the centre of the vortex and two streams are generated: treated water ready for discharge or reuse, and the separated oil for storage and disposal.

Ultraspin Oil Separator

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