An Oil Water Separator is a device used to treat wastewater. It removes Oils, Grease and Hydrocarbons. The wastewater can then be disposed of safely into Council Sewer or to the Environment with specialised filtration approved systems. There are different kinds of Oil Water Separators, and most systems are available in polymer and stainless steel.

They are used for varying commercial and industrial applications. They also treat contaminants found in water, including free-floating oil, emulsified oil, dissolved oil, and suspended solids.


  • Coalescing Plate Packs
  • VGS – Vertical Gravity
  • Class 1 Separators
  • Tube pack
  • Spinifex – Ultra Spin
Oil Water Separators

GPS Environmental has the largest range of Oil Separators for use in wash-down bays, workshops, refuelling areas, construction sites, Mining, transformer bunds and car washes.


All our oil water separator systems are fully tried and tested to ensure you receive the highest quality, after sales service and minimal ongoing costs. They are engineered for highest quality removal of oil from water. Our systems are available starting from 1,000L in capacity, extracting oil down to starting at 1 microns. In specialised cases, to Nondeductible levels.

All systems come with all installation and maintenance manuals. We also organise required periodical services.

Coalescing plate separators

Our coalescing plate separators lead the Australian market in removing suspended solids, free oils and grease from waste water.

We have one of the most comprehensive ranges on the market – with capacities ranging from 1,000L to 50,000L. Easy to install and maintain, they’ll help you meet – and exceed – water authority regulations.

VGS – Vertical Gravity

The VGS is a cylindrical system in which the inlet and outlet columns form a U-tube configuration such that the oil is trapped on one side of the main body, while the cleaned water flows out of the other side.

The main body contains a continuous truncated conical spiral pack (SPAK) which is made of olephilic material. Oily water is delivered into the bottom of the main body, where it flows upwards through the centre of the SPAK assembly.

Class 1 Separators

Designed to achieve a concentration of less than 5 mg/l of oil under standard test conditions, should be used when the separator is required to remove very small oil droplets.

Surface water drains normally discharge to a watercourse or indirectly into underground waters (groundwater) via a soak away. Contamination of surface water by oil, chemicals or suspended solids can cause these discharges to have a serious impact on the receiving water.

Spinifex – Ultra Spin

Like many oily water separators, the Ultraspin system separates the oil/fat and the water based on the density difference – the oil/fat droplets being lighter than the water. To do this the oily wastewater is pumped tangentially into the separator which forms a powerful vortex and huge centrifugal forces. This squeezes the lighter oil/fat droplets into the centre of the vortex. Two streams are generated: treated water ready for discharge or reuse, and the separated oil for storage and disposal.

  • The centrifugal separation force generated is over 1000 times the force of gravity!
  • Separates emulsified oil droplets as small as 10 microns!

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