Wastewater treatment should not be confusing

Starting back in 1985, regulations were not covering all liquid waste pollution issues. Over 35 years it as become a lot more policed with continuous changing strict regulations. Technology has been changing to suit. There is no doubt that wastewater treatment can be complex at times. This created many issues in the industry, including fines and shutdown times for many businesses until they have complied with new regulations.

Over 35 years, GPS Environmental have worked and moved with the changes, including Council and EPA. This enables us to ensure that you comply with the legislation, whilst designing and providing you with up-to-date high quality options. That’s why provide one of the highest level of up-to-date consultancy in Australia. From site visits, designs, engineering, approvals and installation. From small domestic systems to large Water Treatment Consultancy commercial projects.

Not only do we provide you with leading experience in the industry. We supply you with different options, so you have more clarity with your design and can compare with your budget in mind. We take the worry out from start to finish and ensure your comfortable throughout the process.

Customer referrals on all our projects are provided upon request.


Step 1

Project Design Proposal

Our professional, experienced and friendly staff will meet you on site at a time that suits you. They will help by discussing all your needs and offer you different options that will suit you and your budget. We are happy to travel if required.

Step 2

Creating your project design

We provide an initial design to assist you with more clarification on your project. This includes the correct flow rates, to ensure you have the correct size system, and to ensure that your budget is taken into account. Once you are happy, we provide full hydraulic engineered drawings, necessary paper work to assist with all Tradewaste and Council approvals.

Step 3

Manufacturing and delivery

We begin building your wastewater treatment system. All our equipment comes professionally packed and transported to your allocated destination.

Step 4


Once we arrive on site, we commence installing the system using qualified trained staff. We test and commission the entire system. We then train your staff on the system running procedure, maintenance and breakdown sourcing. Ensure your running costs are minimal.

Being wastewater specialists for the past 35 years

This takes a lot of hard work and commitment, Not just having a genuine concern for the Environment but also our customers. Australia has a large variance  business, wastewater sector. Having assisted a majority of these companies has allowed us to have a reputable referral ongoing business. Our customer business awards have been evident of our commitment.

You will always be treated with a respectful professionally approach, with clear understanding of your design options. Answering as many queries you may have. We are 100% behind you all the way. That’s why we offer fully guaranteed work.

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