Packaged Pump Stations, Built Ready to Operate

Packaged Pump Stations units are pre -plumbed and ready to plug in and operate. GPS Environmental pumping stations will help you transfer water cost-effectively when gravity is not an option, discharge point is to far away or in a difficult spot.

Flexible enough to meet any site’s requirements, they’re ideal for domestic, commercial, industrial and mining settings.

Pump Station Shell kits are available in all sizes.

Packaged Pump Stations

GPS Environmental supplies all different sizes from 200L. To suit domestic, commercial, industrial and mining applications. Available with a single or dual pump or we can custom design to suit your needs.


Our pump stations are engineered for efficient performance. Whether you require a unit with a single or dual pump, we can supply it.

High quality designed and engineered. Available in Poly, Concrete & Fibreglass.

They are ideal for a wide range of industries. We can conduct service and maintenance to suit, ensuring your pump station delivers optimal performance for decades to come. Talk to us about your business and the wastewater requirements in your industry, and we will tailor a treatment plan, including pump station systems, to get the job done.

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