Since 1985, GPS Environmental has grown into one of Australia’s largest independent wastewater management solutions companies.

We are extremely proud of our wastewater management company, generating from many years ago in 1985. With determination and our pride in customer service led to our success. This was acknowledged by two small business customer service awards. We have seen many changes. This led to a high level of experience in the industry, which we now can pass on to our customers.

How it all started back in 1985

  1. GPS Environmental started with 3 vacuum trucks, 10 ablution blocks and 150 portable toilets for hire. In that time, we were the preferred contractors to many Councils and Governing bodies. Our 24/7 – 365 days a year, professional on call service was well respected. Especially for sewer pump station break downs, preventing sewage back-ups. This required a prompt reliable service. Also, large events like the 5 days Byron Bay Blues festival. There was no room for error as there were hundreds of people relying on us. We won this contract every year.
  2. We were still active when all liquid waste, except sewage was disposed to land fill. Having a genuine care for the Environment, we could see that constant land fill disposal for liquid waste would have to stop due to the waterway’s contamination. We approached the EPA for their input, and they confirmed they were not far away from ceasing all landfill liquid waste disposal. We led us to start the change and build the first grease trap recycling plant in Northern NSW.
  3. To name just a few of our services back then.

From there we dedicated our next stage of many years, to long term education Liquid waste consultancy. Ranging from Sewage, wastewater wash bay treatment systems and wastewater management solutions.

We ensure you receive high quality equipment

You are not a number to us or just another sale. Your are a important valued part of our  family  business. Our customer service is second to none. Our work and passion for the environment has allowed us to make a genuine difference to our customers.