Being involved with Sewage Treatment Systems since 1985

GPS Environmental is now one of the longest established businesses. From Supply, install and servicing. We are able to provide you with high quality, user-friendly, cost-effective systems. All our systems comply with all Australian approval requirements.

From domestic sewage treatment plants to all commercial systems. We use current, up-to-date technology from our exclusive partners. Being independent allows you to choose from various systems to suit your needs without any pressure selling.

Regardless of your project’s location, we cater for remote location and will travel if necessary. GPS Environmental will ensure your systems are delivered on time. Understanding the importance of costly delays. Our systems can process from 5 Kilolitres to 1 Megalitre of sewage per day. We specialise in system conversions and all our systems allow for additional growth.

What is wastewater treatment?

In Queensland, most wastewater is treated at sewage treatment plants. Wastewater is transported from domestic or industrial sites through a system of sewers and pump stations, known as sewerage reticulation, to a sewage treatment plant. Local governments build, maintain and operate most sewage treatment plants.

Operators are licensed under the Environmental Protection Act 1994 to discharge treated wastewater at an acceptable environmental standard into waterways. The Act is administered by the department. The Department of Natural Resources advises local governments about managing, operating and maintaining sewerage systems and treatment plants.

In unsewered areas, local governments may require householders to install individual or household sewage treatment systems to treat domestic wastewater from toilets, kitchens, bathrooms and laundries. The Department of Natural Resources authorises the use of household systems when they are proven to be effective. Local governments will approve their use within the local area.

Most stormwater receives no treatment. In some new subdivisions, treatment of some stormwater to remove litter, sand and gravel has begun using gross pollutant traps.

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