Wastewater recycling uses and applications

GPS Environmental wastewater recycling systems will help your operation, reduce water usage, which results in excess water charges, for town, rainwater systems. We cater for remote locations, where water is minimal.

The majority of liquid waste can be recycled and is often missed when installing a wastewater treatment system. This can cause expensive long term costs.

Some applications are:

  1. Wash-down bays
  2. Car washes
  3. Dust suppression and
  4. Factory processes
  5. Rainwater
  6. Sewage
Wastewater Recycling

Why recycling water is important

Recycling water allows us to continually reuse one of our most vital resources. Water recycling removes contaminants from wastewater and allows it to re-enter local water systems for use in homes and businesses. Recycling water ensures that the water is safe for consumption and other practical uses.

The business benefits of water recycling

Investing in a water recycling system has the dual benefit of reducing costs and expanding revenue. Many industries use large amounts of water during operational and site activities, which can be wasteful and environmentally damaging. Water recycling systems offer companies an opportunity to reduce water related expenses, as well as market their services to environmentally conscious customers.

Wastewater recycling

Rainwater/stormwater harvesting

  • Wash down bays
  • Construction sites
  • Car washes
  • Parking lots
  • Industrial estates
  • Commercial estates
  • Remote and agricultural sites

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