First Flush Diversion Systems are designed for open area uncovered wash down areas and can be custom-built for all applications. First Flush Diversion Systems are especially for high vehicles and non-cost-effective install locations.

GPS Environmental will help ensure wash water adheres to water authority standards, made from high quality durable, compact and easily maintained.

Uses and applications

Environmentally committed

Divert rainwater to stormwater

Our first flush diversion systems are ideal for uncovered wash down areas over 20 square metres.

First flush diverters will help ensure wash water adheres to water authority standards – so you avoid costly fines and shutdowns. Durable, compact and easily maintained, first flush diverters will help keep your operation water authority-compliant for 20+ years.

How do flush diversion systems work?

Flush diversion systems are fairly complex.

  • Rain begins to fall on a facility and is measured with a rain gauge.
  • Rainwater is diverted to a wastewater treatment system until the limit of 10 mm is reached.
  • The diverter is then shut off, allowing excess rainwater to overflow in stormwater systems.
  • If programmed, the diverter can reactivate for insufficient rainfall, or if a wash gun is activated.

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