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Who are GPS Environmental?

GPS Environmental originally commenced in the wastewater industry in 1985, Northern NSW.  Now based in Queensland, we have developed into one of Australia’s leading independent wastewater Industry suppliers.

Covering vehicle wash down systems, sewage treatment and all aspects of wastewater treatment. From onsite meetings, various optional designs, engineering, manufacture, installation, servicing and staff training.

Independency allows our customers to choose from various quality brands and models without the need of any uncomfortable pressure selling for one particular product. Which then leads to and very often missed, is the explanation of ongoing running costs. GPS will ensure the product/system you purchase works to our customers advantage and thoroughly explain what is involved after you purchase a product.

For example- All Oil Water Separators are built differently. 

Being independent allows us to protect our customers by explaining and minimizing any ongoing running,maintenance, servicing and down time costs. This also opens the door for Liquid Waste Trucks attending the site a lot more than required. Especially with the constant increasing costs for liquid waste disposal and sludge removal at a much higher rate. $1.00 per litre in most cases. This becomes very expensive. There is a lot more to purchasing a product than cost. We also offer free design advice to assist and excellent after sales service.

All our products are approved by all major water authorities and governing bodies.

  • 37 Years of experience working with Councils, EPA and all relevant Governing authorities.

  • Professional servicing of all brand equipment and systems. 24/7 on call breakdown service to ensure your business as no lengthy shut down delays.

  • Having a genuine concern for the Environment, all our system and designs comply with EPA guidelines.

  • AUSTRALIAN Family owned and operated.

  • GPS Environmental can supply and install a new roof or shed for your new wash bay or project. This enables us to provide a better project management system for your design. Whilst reducing costs. We found lengthy delays were affecting our customers projects.


Step 1

Designing the product plan

Our professional, experienced and friendly staff will meet you on site at a time that suits you. They will help by discussing all your needs and offer you different options that will suit you and your budget. We are happy to travel if required.

Step 2

Creating your project design

We provide an initial design to assist you with more clarification on your project. This includes the correct flow rates, to ensure you have the correct size system, to and to ensure that your budget is taken into account. Once you are happy, we provide full hydraulic engineered drawings, necessary paper work to assist with all Trade waste and Council approvals.

Step 3

Manufacturing your system

We begin building your wastewater treatment system. All our equipment comes professionally pack and transported to your allocated destination.

Step 4


Once we arrive at site, we commence installing the system using qualified trained staff. We test and commission the entire system. We then train your staff on the system running procedure, maintenance and breakdown sourcing. Ensure your running costs are minimal.