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AQAS wash bays2023-03-08T12:41:41+10:00

We have been proudly been selected by a large Company, after speaking to two other Companies to build a number of AQIS wash bays throughout Australia and possibly overseas.

With a new way of Australian designed filtration we are launching soon! This will change the way waste water can be treated.

Thanks to Cooroy Wreckers2023-03-08T09:20:07+10:00

We were approached by Cooroy Wreckers just over a year ago to upgrade their motor vehicle equipment wash down area. Being no sewer on site, we had to design and install a system that discharged with no contaminants. This takes a high level of experience.

I rang them to order two new door handles last week, for one of our vehicles. The owner answered and complemented me on how well the system worked, and he was very happy. Especially the running costs.

Rockys Transport – 3rd time!2023-03-08T08:20:21+10:00

Thank you to Rocky’s Transport We have proudly now been engaged for the 3rd time to assist them with their truck wash down facilities. We originally built their wash bay in Rockhampton Qld, approx 7 Years ago. Then 4 years ago we were approached to build their new Wash Bay and industrial Sewage Treatment System for their Helidon Qld depot under construction. Which we still take care of today. Being such a well-known busy company, Rocky’s cant afford to have any downtime created from their wash bays. This would affect their clients and their business, so we knew the importance of building something reliable, cost effective.Whilst not jeopardising quality. (More info below). We have now been engaged to upgrade the newer site, as it has grown considerably in that time…

Rocky’s Manager Kevin– Last year we had a new wash down facility and Sewage Treatment System installed at our Helidon Transport Depot. GPS also built our Rockhampton depot Truck Wash Bay

GPS Environmental provided all the designs, reports, staff training, servicing and equipment for the wastewater treatment, pumping and filtering etc side of things, which we are very pleased with. GPS also follows up with a phone call from time to time, checking that all is going well, as well as his regular Servicing of the Truck wash every three months, which he rings to notify you prior to their visit, so I am very pleased with the service we receive.

Please note – Very important. When having your wash bay designed. Oil separators all do a similar job. Some are easier to clean than others. But beware of designs that produce unnecessary ongoing high costs. Especially Liquid Waste Trucks. disposal fees are always increasing, including transport costs. It is a very common scenario we often see, and we are often brought it to rectify it. Even though its a cost that could have been avoided. It will pay for itself many times.

GPS always works on the reduction of unnecessary liquid waste removal, ongoing maintenance, costs, break downs and downtime when designing a wash bay. Or if you’re just purchasing an oil water separator or equipment. We are happy to provide you free design advice, to ensure this does not happen to you. All our customers are shown the process of how their system works and how we have minimised the costs and downtime worries.

Information about our valued customer

Rocky’s Own transport was established in 1985 to provide general and express freight services. From its humble beginnings, Rocky’s Own Transport has grown to become a truly national logistics company. It now has depots in Rockhampton, Wacol, Helidon, Yarwun and Kalgoorlie in Western Australia that house over 230 staff, 117 trucks and 180 trailers.

New project in South Australia2023-03-08T08:44:20+10:00

This is a Mills bunded area for all their equipment and where all their various oils are stored. The exterior bund wall is in place to protect from a major breakage/spill, general leakage or during servicing. A bunded area should be at least 110% of the largest volume, in case a tank or equipment breaks.

The major issue here is rainwater, as there is no roof due to the height of the vats. Roofing the area is always a much better option.When it heavily rains the bunded area will fill up quickly and will overflow causing major pollution to the Environment. The second issue is there is no town sewage for the final discharge.

This bund discharges to a large evaporation pond. So the quality of water must be at a higher level. In saying that all. We have a few various options that will successfully rectify the issue. The key is designing it, without costing the client a large amount of money and with ongoing costly maintenance. Something I often see….

They approached another Company early 2020 to help resolve it. They were very disappointed as it wasn’t cheap. They installed a Standard oil water separator and left. Nothing else was in place. No pre-treatment. They even attended a second time, due to the clients concern. No other options were offered, except supplying a larger oil separator? It was never going to work. It was never going to keep up with the rain water, plus the oils and dirt etc were blocking up the pit, suction line and the separator. They had to clean it constantly, downtime, staff time and have replaced approx 15 pumps so far?

This could have become a major pollution issue and cost the client for clean ups and any potential fines. Being very nervous to have it looked at it again, with the possibility of the same thing happening. They rang around late last year to see what options were available and what genuine interest the suppler had in helping them. All they got was a similar ideas. Plus the cost of a site visit was through the roof. With no guarantee.

They finally decided with GPS. We attended the site and went through the current issues and explained various options with them. They were extremely happy, and we are now in the process of designing the new system. Thank you to our client for the work and trusting in us……

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