We ensure Mining wastewater requirements comply with Government legislation

All our products have been tried and tested by us personally to ensure the durability, quality and value for money. We also ensure all Mining Industry equipment, has been approved for usage through all governing bodies were required. Keeping in mind, remote locations need to comply with EPA guidelines.

Mining industry assistance

  • Avoid hefty fines
  • Avoid shutdowns. Knowing the importance for mining companies and the costs involved, this is a major priority to GPS
  • User-friendly operation
  • Ease of Mining Industry servicing and maintenance
  • Reduce running costs
  • Quality equipment
  • Professional after sales service
  • Fly to remote locations

How GPS Environmental can help your mining operations

GPS Environment can provide assistance with all Council & Trade waste approvals, taking the worrying out of the somewhat confusing process. Allowing you to spend more time on the project itself.

Always having most of our stock available, this allows us to dispatch most equipment in 24 Hours, and we are fully insured. All our specialised Custom designs/orders can take a slightly longer time depending on the size of the unit required. We have ready to go skid mounted systems, this allows for faster deliver and install at your end.

GPS Environmental ensures after sales Mining Industry support is a high priority. Our experience technicians will be available for any enquiries you may have. – including servicing and repairs.


Step 1

Project Design Proposal

Our professional, experienced and friendly staff will meet you on site at a time that suits you. They will help by discussing all your needs and offer you different options that will suit you and your budget. We are happy to travel if required.

Step 2

Creating your project design

We provide an initial design to assist you with more clarification on your project. This includes the correct flow rates, to ensure you have the correct size system, and to ensure that your budget is taken into account. Once you are happy, we provide full hydraulic engineered drawings, necessary paper work to assist with all Tradewaste and Council approvals.

Step 3

Manufacturing and delivery

We begin building your wastewater treatment system. All our equipment comes professionally packed and transported to your allocated destination.

Step 4


Once we arrive on site, we commence installing the system using qualified trained staff. We test and commission the entire system. We then train your staff on the system running procedure, maintenance and breakdown sourcing. Ensure your running costs are minimal.

What to do with your wastewater

  • Features of oil water separators and installed prior to discharge, to treat the wash down bay water.
  • Discharging to sewer is commonly used, check your local trade waste guidelines.
  • If discharge to the Environment is necessary. An upgrade to an EPA compliant system will be designed. This requires much better filtration and higher grade discharge levels.
  • If you wash down area is not or unable to be roofed, a first flush diversion system to divert rainwater to be installed.
  • Enter into a maintenance agreement for servicing of your water treatment equipment in accordance with Council or EPA regulations. This is a detailed process by a licensed technician. Not just pumped out. Which is not classed as a service.
  • Only use biodegradable quick break degreases and detergents. This assists with Hydrocarbon separation prior to the oil separator treatment.
  • Use only helical rotor (i.e. Mono) or diaphragm pumps to pump waste water to the oil separator. Submersible pumps etc will cause emulsification. Which is binding the oil and water together. This is extremely difficult to reverse, without the use of costly equipment.

What not to do with your wastewater

  • Do not use traditional solvent based degreases that do not have quick break properties. These degrease cause oil and detergents to remain in suspension and not separate through a traditional oil water separator system.
  • Do not dispose of any coolants, acids, caustics or chemicals through the water treatment system, these should be disposed of by licensed contractors.
  • Do not allow wash down water to discharge directly to the storm water drain/environment.
  • Not allow storm water to enter the wash bay bunded area.
  • Not allow workshops or other areas discharge water to your water treatment system area.
  • Do not adjust or modify any treatment equipment without prior approval from the manufacturer.
Environmentally committed

Environmentally committed

Being an Environmental wastewater company, protecting the Environment and our customers are our main priority. We have seen and worked with all the major environmental changes over the past 30 years.

Some of our key factors are:

  1. Product Recycling
  2. Product construction materials
  3. Water recycling
  4. Water usage
  5. Power consumption
  6. Environmental friendly washing products

Important facts

Why is it important to meet an Environmental Duty of Care?

There are strict regulations surrounding the protection of the environment and human health throughout Australia. Especially in mining applications.

GPS Environmental checks and tests all wastewater. This ensures the protection of our customers and environment. Also major delays through the construction process.

Why should I choose GPS Environmental?

We handle the entire process from the initial consult (onsite if required), design, manufacture, delivery and install. Staff & maintenance training is always a part of our company policy. We always follow up to ensure your system is running effectually and provide you with a custom after sales support team. Especially for our customers in remote locations.

Do we supply Australia wide.

Yes, being in the Industry for 30 years, we supply and install wastewater systems across all of Australia. We have local Businesses associates in all major areas of the country. We have strong policies to help and work with all local people. The entire team are available 7 days per week 24/7 to assist you.

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