Wash Bays engineered for efficient performance

Need to get your Wash Bays up to local authority standards? Triple interceptors or oil separators alone aren’t enough. GPS Environmental’s Wash Bays will help you meet their strict criteria.

At GPS Environmental, we design new wash bay systems that are perfectly suited to your application and site. We can also improve your existing systems, ensuring that they are retrofitted for compliance.


GPS Environmental wash bay solutions are engineered for efficient performance. Because they exceed the standards set by local authorities, your business is protected from expensive fines and potential shutdowns. As an added bonus, you will also continue to meet your Environmental Duty of Care.

They’re available in a permanent and portable format – so you can simply choose the option that best suits your site.

GPS Environmental can perform service and maintenance on your systems, ensuring your wash bay equipment delivers optimal performance for many years.

  • Authority compliant
  • Quarantine approved

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Industries GPS Environmental serves

Permanent wash bays

  • Truck wash pad
  • Quarantine wash bay
  • Workshop pad
  • Unroofed truck wash pad

GPS Environmental’s permanent wash bay systems can be designed especially for your business and specifications. Otherwise, we can implement our equipment into existing systems, ensuring that you continue to remain compliant.

Either way, you’ll benefit from our 20 years of wash bay expertise across a wide range of industries.

Portable wash bays

  • Truck wash pad
  • Quarantine wash bay
  • Workshop pad
  • Unroofed truck wash pad

Need a portable or temporary wash area that’s up to local authority standards? GPS Environmental’s portable wash bay equipment will help you meet their strict criteria.

Our portable wash bay equipment can be transported to your site as a plug-and-play system that’s ready to go. Or we can design and build one that’s perfectly suited to your site.

Quarantine/AQIS wash bays

  • Quarantine (AQIS) wash down

GPS Environmental’s Australian Quarantine Inspection Services (AQIS) wash bay equipment will help you meet strict quarantine criteria.

Whether you require a new solution designed from scratch – or need to bring an existing wash bay up to standard – we can deliver.

Investing in a GPS Environmental AQIS wash bay means avoiding costly fines and shutdowns – and opens up new revenue streams from quarantine wash downs.

Frequently asked questions

How do I know if my wash down bay is compliant with local authority regulations?

If you are unsure, call GPS Environmental on xxxx xxx xxx. Typical unroofed wash down bays require perimeter bunding, a holding pit, a diversion system and a pre-treatment device to treat wash down water and should not allow run-off to a storm water drain or adjacent area.

How do I best retain solids that accumulate in my wash down practices?

Silt traps and baffled pits are effective measures to retain solids for easy scheduled removal. Beach pits/drive in sumps are excellent for high solids wash down environments.

Do I need any equipment to treat wash down water?

An approved pre treatment device is required to treat wash down water in wash down bays. Simply allowing wash water to discharge into drains is strictly not permitted. Unroofed wash down bays over 20m2 may require a first flush diversion system to divert rainwater to stormwater.

I don’t have sewerage on site, can I still install a wash down bay?

In the absence of sewer, other approved discharge methods include leach drains, evaporative ponds or holding tanks. Regional areas who are on septic should contact the local shire or council for advice on where to discharge treated wash water.